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Our company makes short animated videos for businesses, using our unique sales-video formula based on proven advertising principles, which effectively increase sales.

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Our package includes:


Script and scenario writing




100% unique illustrations


Professional voiceover recording


Background music


High-quality animation

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Do you need just a video or an automated sales machine?

Internet trends from the latest years show that people have almost stopped searching and reading information in the text format.

Social media and video sharing services have taught people that information is available here and now and that no effort is required for searching and understanding – just watch some short video for the topic you’re interested in.

Those times when people visited the website and read long copy, spending hours researching some product or service, are long gone. Now if someone visits the webpage and doesn’t see the answer to the question immediately, they click the “Back” button and leave.

And this is natural, because humans always understood information better in the visual form, which is proven by the long history, starting from pictures on the cave walls up until pictures on the internet started showing up.

That’s why using short animated sales videos is critical like never before in order to engage and keep the attention of new visitors and influence them, so they’re willing to check out more information about your product or service.

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Why does our approach actually work?

First and foremost, you have to grab the attention of your website visitors and make them interested in your offer. If you can’t do that, you’re losing potentially earned money.

Thanks to our “Slippery Slope” animated sales video formula, our animations spark interest immediately and move your visitors as if holding their hand toward sending an email or giving you a call regarding your offer.

How, you might ask? Our animations are focused on the problems and deep desires of your customers and this allows us to connect with them, so they feel that your offer is relevant and has value to them.

We often use humour in our animated videos, because it’s important for people feel that your service is friendly and the video is easy to understand, thus making it effective.

We finish our sales videos with a strong call to action – sending an email or giving you a phone call and buying your product or service consequently.

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The time has come for you to sell through your website the way you always dreamed about when you started your business.

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Our clients.


I take pride in mentioning that Explainer Viz has successfully translated my ideas into amazing videos. Entire team was incredibly fast and flexible. There are few companies that provide you the best service in one go & Explainer Viz is among them. From start to finish, I got incredible assistance. The work that I received was worth the money.


Dixon Jones


One fine day I was searching for a good video animation agency & I came across Explainer Viz. Without any doubt, this production house is amazing; they got me a series of animation videos that weren’t simple and fun but quite informative. They exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed working with the team. Highly recommended!

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Rob Lehnert


Working with Explainer Viz was fun & cultivating at the same time. This is one of the professional video animation services that I came across. Talented team of Explainer Viz didn’t just created custom videos for me, but managed to eliminate unnecessary complications. It was great working with your team. I recommend Explainer Viz to everyone as you are the most creative and affordable company I have worked with!


Hilary Young

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Start generating more leads.

Unlock the power of video-marketing today!